Balkefors Orthopaedic is an individually moulded insole with arch support, which corrects anatomical aberrations and is effective in the prevention and treatment of strain-related problems in the lower extremities.

Our patented orthopaedic insert is slim and smooth, measuring only 4 mm. The insert is made of an EVA-material placed around a sheet of the patented Flexsonic material, which moulds itself to fit your foot through a highly flexible inner material that allows pronation movement and stops any overpronation.

This type of insert has never before been available. Other inserts are difficult to handle and have an inferior fit. Most of them are made in an unweighted position. Balkefors Ortopedic is the only insert that corrects itself over time. It is moulded to fit your feet in a weighted position.

Overpronation is the most common cause behind a variety problems. Pronation is the natural movement of the foot, which serves to reduce the strain each stride puts onto it. Most often, the best corrective measures involve choosing the right shoe and the appropriate insert. When you run, the strain on your foot is at least 3 times your body weight with each stride .

Before making your insole, we analyse your gait and posture, focusing primarily on the alignment of your foot. At the evaluation, we use a mirror box, which is helpful for the therapist and the patient alike, in that immediate feedback is provided regarding strain and any possible misalignments We also examine the mobility of your foot joints in order to see how this may be related to your problems. The test results form the basis for how we treat you and your specific problem.

We place your foot in an optimal anatomical position onto the heated insole, which is then immediately shaped to fit your foot. After the necessary modifications and corrections are made, the insole is ready to use.

KEEP IN MIND: We recommend that you bring several pairs of shoes to the analysis/examination. Shoes you have worn extensively will give us important clues on how you put weight on your foot while walking or running. The insole is most effective when it is placed in a shoe with a stable heel support and lacing. You can start to use the insole right away, so we prefer that you bring a pair of suitable shoes so that we may quickly assess comfort and fit.