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Here are some of the FAQs we receive:

How long does it take to make the inserts?2019-03-11T08:51:38+00:00

It is very simple. Firstly, the insert is heated for about 3 minutes, and it is then it is placed on the mould cushion. You place your foot onto the insert and then step on it with full force. The foot is in sub. talar neutral. You can read more about it here: How it works

What kind of problems can be alleviated using the inserts?2019-03-11T08:51:38+00:00

By far, the most common reason behind a wide variety of problems is overpronation. You can read more about it here: Injuries

What is a moulded Balkefors Comfort insert?2019-03-11T08:51:38+00:00

It is an insert that is moulded to fit each foot exactly. The insert is very stable due to the flexible mould plate, which allows for the necessary pronation motion. The devastating overpronation is stopped in spite of the apparent stability.

How long do the inserts last?2013-09-09T20:58:42+00:00

You can use your insert for at least 1.5 years, often longer.

What is weighted moulding?2019-03-11T08:51:38+00:00

Weighted moulding involves adjusting the foot into a neutral position. Then, weight is shifted onto the foot and the mould is made while considering the angles in knees and pelvis. You can read more about it here: All About Inserts

What is pronation?2019-03-11T08:51:38+00:00

Watch the video to see overpronation.

Why is it important for the inserts to be stable?2013-09-09T21:01:25+00:00

When you run, for instance, the insert bears 3-5 times your body weight. Looking at a pair of shoes used by an overpronator, you will see that they are completely worn out and punctured on the inside of the sole. Preventing overpronation requires the application of considerable forces.

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