Torsten Balkefors

Lillsveds Idrotts FHS (Lillsved’s Sports College), 2 years. Axelsson/Naprapath, 1.5 years. Has represented several Swedish national teams over the years, including the National Junior Soccer Team u21 (players under 21 years of age). Swedish Bandy National Team. Worked at Balkefors Health Centre from 1980 to 1998, focusing on sports-related problems, especially problems caused by running. Torsten has worked at Lugnets Idrottsvetenskapliga Institut (Lugnet’s Sports Science Institute) for 4 years, first as a Development Consultant and subsequently as Operations Manager. LIVI worked on research and elite sports development in collaboration with RF – Riksidrottsförbundet (Swedish National Sports Association) and the Swedish Olympics Committee.


Lena Balkefors

Education: Certified Physical Therapist.
20 years of experience in treating human injuries in movement and supporting organs. Lena has served as Manager of Balkefors Health Centre AB. Today, Lena works for Balkefors Support AB.
She has completed the initial course for physical therapists within veterinary training and works as a consultant at many veterinary clinics.